Architects Salcombe

We aspire to create elegant homes that have a sense of belonging, to their site and to their owners. Homes that feel good. We have developed succinct methods of extending that sense of belonging to the beauty of the South West’s natural surroundings so, with our experience as architects, Salcombe homeowners can enjoy modern approaches to natural environments. We work innovatively to breathe life into each of our designs, alongside our signature focus on movement, light, and space in a contemporary modern approach. Much of our sustainability ethos has been developed through our work in the South West area, dedicating ourselves to not only integrating your desires with our unique style but allowing the final project to resonate with the landscape it inhabits.

Our attention to detail stretches beyond the confines of our own quality assurance to ensure that your desires and requirements are adopted at every step of the process. Our brand focuses on being the architects Salcombe can trust, with our extensive experience in understanding the needs of a client whilst injecting our own creative flair for your consideration. This allows us to retain our highly recommended build quality and ingenuity while delivering a final design that allows your personality to shine through. We can also offer our own years of experience in other areas and our contractors ensure your project is completed to the highest standards. We’ll also provide budgeting and material advice and direction, sticking to your financial goals throughout the process. Our sustainability ethos keeps you in mind even after we are finished with your project, affording for greater energy efficiency throughout your home in the long term.

Our years of experience have also opened our eyes to the necessity of finding the right materials to make your build a home. Textural qualities alongside tactility and colour definition are key to transforming a dream into a reality, and we are dedicated to sourcing the appropriate materials to ensure your interior reflects your personal aspirations. Throughout this, and every aspect of our architectural work across Salcombe and the South West, we complement our passion and expertise with your unique, personal vision.

You form the foundations of our design work with your requirements, desires and vision; we design to be visually stunning while inherently practical and truly sustainable. To experience the highest quality architects Salcombe has to offer, contact us today.