Architects South Hams

As specialist coastal architects, South Hams and its extraordinary beauty has allowed us to fully flex our creative muscles during design projects in the area. For our architects, South Hams is the ideal location to express our passion for the art of integrating natural beauty, light, movement

and open spaces in a contemporary design. While we are unsurprised by the popularity of this location among those looking to build in the South West today, our signature modern style still never fails to astound. We strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our work.

Gray and Gray Architects have extensive experience working across city, country and coastal locations in the South West to bring cohesion between natural beauty and a contemporary aesthetic. We bring this fusion to every project we undertake in the South Hams, however, our architects are most importantly led by you and your vision.

Our dedicated team of experts bring their years of experience, design advice, and architectural passion to your vision of your home in South Hams. We work with you to ensure our skills complement your unique desires and requirements, to ultimately provide a home that combines our design experience with your personality and lifestyle. We understand budgetary requirements and can guide you through the minefield of construction costs with our comprehensive knowledge born from years in the industry. Our unique holistic approach to design also allows us to indulge your tactile tastes and desires, introducing you to the materials and textures that will transform your build into a home.

Our RIBA Chartered status is a testament to our dedication to the use of sustainable materials in our work. Not only does this complement the beauty of the natural landscapes in which we work, but in our experience as architects, South Hams living can be infinitely easier when we ensure the energy efficiency of your new home. You will watch your building improve with age, and stand resilient for years to come.

If you are looking to combine your unique vision and dream with our architectural passion and expertise, contact our South Hams architects today.