LOCATION: Kingsbridge Estuary
VALUE: £400,000
STATUS: Pre Planning
SIZE: 3,000 sq.ft
CLIENT: Private

A replacement boathouse on the Kingsbridge Estuary, the proposal introduces living accommodation within a glass box that hovers over a concrete base that stores boats and kayaks. An overarching arbour provides shade and privacy, with the south facing timber trellis protecting the rooms from the sun, whilst framing the stunning westerly views. A landing pontoon of gabion cages completes the composition.

The design seeks to capture cherished moments of holiday within a day through its careful orientation. The breakfast table opens onto the morning terrace; the high midday sun creates dappled light in the shade of the arbour with the gentle lapping of water from the boathouse below; and the generous sun deck enjoys uninterrupted evening views out to sea.