Thomson House

LOCATION: Dartmoor
VALUE: £350,000
STATUS: Pre Planning
SIZE: 3,00 sq.ft
CLIENT: Mr and Mrs Thomson

Set within a Conservation Area of the Dartmoor National Park, the house aims to achieve a contemporary design that is sympathetic to its sensitive location. Working closely with the Local Authority the strategy for the site looked at avoiding a single imposing structure in favour of an assemblage of smaller elements akin to the typology of farm buildings. The house therefore divides into three functions, Study, Living and Sleeping.

The concept is then further developed by looking at the context of the Dartmoor and how landscape and settlement merge together and how the local vernacular is centred around the protection that buildings offer from the harsh environment. The form of the house is therefore deliberately “low lying” embracing the topography and is defined by Enclosure, Boundary and Informality