Our Approach

+ Flexible, tailored to the client’s needs
+ Client at the centre of everything we do
+ We design in 3D CAD
+ We love to sketch and build models
+ We seek to surpass expectation
+ Commitment to sustainable design

“imaginative, easy going, with an eye for detail and professional attitude”

Client: Rachel Gould

We love what we do, from formulating initial concepts to working hard with the contractor to deliver the detail and essence of each of our schemes.

We believe however the key to a project’s success is our relationship with you and this is central to our approach. We listen, we ask questions, we discover. We are careful to understand the spaces you would like to live in, your design style, and we will ensure we will work within your budget.

Creating a home is a journey, a life experience, and our goal is to make it an enjoyable and rewarding one.